Sunday, August 18, 2013

The newest addition to the prizes! Yes you are seeing it correctly! This fine piece of steel will be going to the overall sportsman of the weekend amongst all events! Courtesy of the Toy Soldier Gallery! There will also be added to the prize pool another $100.00 of WHFB / WH40K terrain courtesy of theToy Soldier Gallery. So if you are fence sitting or just waiting - stop and get on the ball! Register now! Don't miss Johnstowns first premier gaming event. Come for the Flames, stay for the Warmachine and Hordes, dabble in the Warhammer and Warhmmer 40k, and enjoy 2 days of dice and miniatures!

Monday, August 5, 2013


IT"S ALMOST HERE! Less than 3 weeks away folks so if you were on the fence, get off it and register now, there are still slots open in every category. We want to fill this up and make this the best event southwest PA has ever seen.

Our sponsors are doing their parts! See the trophy above from Mechanical warhorse. There are several sets of blast markers in the prize pool too. KR multicase has sent 7, yes 7 cases with foam! Tablewar has provided 2 cases! Mr Dandy has sent not one, not two, but three, yes three shall be the number of $40.00 gift certificates! Secret weapon has bases for everyone along with sveral other cool items - but you'll have to attend to see it all! And this doesn't count the drinks, the food, or the other prizes! And more are still arriving.

So paypal, pay in person, but get paid and get to planning your events!!! See the previous posts for payment options, and remember it's only $40.00 for both days if you prepay! $25.00 if you can only make 1 day.

Our staff is hard at work making loads of terrain so we will be ready for everyone.

Want to test your 1850 list before NOVA? Here's your chance. Same for your 1000 point team list. Or if fantasy is your game, or Warmachine, or Flames of WAR!

Coming from out of the area? Several local hotels can still be booked for under $60.00 a night (see Knights INN and Econo lodge Johnstown - both are less then 5 minutes from the event hall. So whats holding you back? We are a satuday and sunday only event, so you can not miss any work or school to attend.

The list of Forgeworld units will be up by week's end, along with a final FAQ and final updates to the event rules/scenarios.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July Updates

Ok, if you haven't been keeping up with current events we just got our buts kicked...err wait wrong movie reference. Shoot was it supposed to involve bubblegum? No thats not it either.......

Seriously if you haven't been looking our list of sponsors is growing. One item of note is a special award we will be giving out thanks to Mechanical Warhorse called the Tankbusta. This will be going to the team that destroys the most armour value having vehicles in the 40K team tournament. Look for more detailed rules on scoring for it coming soon. Also a picture is worth a thousand words (though those who know me are quite sure in my case it could be two or three thousand...but I digress) so look for one coming soon. You will want it.

The Toy Soldier Gallery has promised a special award to the best sportsman/woman of the weekend. Even I haven't seen it yet, but am told it will be worth being a good sport! See if you can pry any details out of the Norm. (and if you do, let me know!!)

The Evil Ed is working hard to get everyone even more for prizes and swag bags, so keep checking back for updates.

If you don't follow any 40K podcasts, you should start. Our Warboss Gubbinz has been doing some promotional spots and it would be great if you could check them out - not just for mention of this event but because they really are a great way to stay up to date on the happenings in 40K.

Oh yeah now I remember! I was supposed to talk about chocalate bars...err, the Wonka factory? No, not it either. I'll think of it.

Till then it looks as if we will have some vendors for this event after all. I've juggled the map a bit, and found room for several vendor tables. Several have expressed interest, so we will see what comes of it. What are your thoughts? Anyone like to buy stuff? And I mean cool stuff? Something like what Techtonic craft studios makes? Not sure what they make? Check out their site then and let us hear from you! Speak up and maybe if your good they'll make the trip.

Ok a minor announcement on purchasing tickets. Someone expressed a preference for making the paypal as a bill and not a transfer, they felt safer. I can tell you either way is safe, but never let it be said we don't listen. The reason we did it as transfers was the fees. Every time its paid as a bill it costs, more costs reduce the event. So if you want to pay as a bill, the only stipulation is that instead of 40, you pay $42.00 for a two day ticket and $26 for a one day ticket. That will offset the fee and let us give you the event we were planning. Of course you can still just transfer as before and still only do the 25/40, just be sure to check that you pick up the fee. And as before catch the Oldman at any of the local events he runs/attends or stop in at the Toy Soldier Gallery (Just let Norm know I told you to stop by!) and you can pay in person. Many ways to save your spot before they go. And yes there are as of tonight still openings. We will let you know the moment anything gets to the final few slots and will take waiting list if need be. But we've planned big so hopefully everyne gets in.

THAT'S IT! I remember now....dum dum dum...drum roll please........ We will be including an envelope in every pre-registration swag bag. Some of these envelopes will contain golden tickets! Which even we won't know once we seal and mix them up before putting in the bags. Though these tickets won't let you into the factory, every golden ticket will be redeemable for a variety of limited swag items such as cool terrain, special blast markers and vehicle wreck markers, weathering powder sets and more. This way you can win just by pre-registering and showing up to have fun! No crushing victories required. Of course, there will be prizes for those too.

Ok thats all for now, back to the Inquisition I go. Just a quick stop by the lab first to see if there is any other new breakthroughs...something about limited edition mugs? For the first %^& attendees to register? Oh the transmission was garbled? Guess you don't want to chance it then! Do it now! Hope the lab comes through and..if they do, don't be left in the cold!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pre-Registration NOW Open!



Seriously it's time to start taking names for this thing.

Use paypal ( to transfer money to

Use the transfer money option not the pay a bill option (unless we have sent you a bill for being a snot.. or down the road when we add the T-Shirts, Dice, or other merchandise we will be selling - then you can pay)
If you are using a linked bank account it will be free.
If you are using a credit or debit card there will be a fee (around $1.00) - make sure you have the box checked that you will pay the fee!!!! Don't lessen the event by making us worry about it.

In the Subject please mention 1 day or 2 day registration and which day if one day - for example:

One day registration - Sunday

In the notes section please give a name you'll be using at check in and what events you wish to participate in. If a team event let us know who your partner will be.

Ghazghkull Urg Mag Thrakka
Warhammer 40K Team Tournament (partner = Mad Doc Grotsnik)
Warhammer Fantasy Team Event (partner = King Leon)

We will email you a response to confirm within a few days. If an event fills up we will let you know and offer a refund or a chance to pick an alternate event.

Remember - you are prepaying so it will be $25 for a one day registration or $40 for both. This includes the event(s) of your choice (1 each day), and your food+drinks. If you are not coming to play but to support someone who is playing we have a food and drink option only for $10 for one day and $18 for both days. Specify Food and Drink only in the Subject and notes - (such as "One day food and drink only - Saturday")

Check the schedule link to the right to determine your events and confirm they aren't at the same time. Rules for the events can also be seen to the right.

Any questions, comments or concerns? Post here or on one of the sites linked to here (Snake eyes or Inquisitor Oldman). We will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

So who is ready to let the river run red?????

Friday, June 7, 2013

First Annual Blood City Brawl!

Inquisitor Oldman and The Flying Pigs of Ligonier, The Cellar Dwellers of Greensberg and Club Snake Eyes

Proudly bring you the

Blood City Brawl

August 24th & 25th, 2013

John Bracken Hall, Johnstown, PA

List of Events
Warhammer 40K 64 player 1850 point Championship
(Starts on Saturday – 3 rounds, top 8 advance to 3 round finals on Sunday)
Warhammer 40K 52 team Doubles Tournament (1000pts each)
(3 rounds on Sunday)
Warhammer Fantasy 28 team Doubles Tournament (1200 pts each)
(3 rounds on Saturday)
Warhammer Fantasy 32 player 2400 point Tournament
(3 rounds on Sunday)
Flames of War 24 player 1780 point Late War Tournament
(3 rounds on Saturday)

Flames of War Mega Battles (covering early, mid and late war)
(2 sessions on Sunday)
Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller style 35 point Tournament (max 32)
(5 rounds on Saturday)
Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller style 50 point Tournament (max 32)
(5 rounds on Sunday)

See schedule for times / rounds.
See specific tournament packets for specific rules for each event.

Play one day in any single event $25 if preregistering, $30 at the door
Play both days and pick one event each day $40 preregister, $45 at door
Soda/Water and lunch each day included in cost of ticket.

Pre-registration starts June 10th and will be available via paypal (money transfer) or in person. See the Blog site for details on the 10th.
With special thanks to our sponsors!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yes it's happening! August 24th and 25th 2013! 40k, Fantasy, Flames and Warma/Hordes!

Check back soon for the full post and details! But mark your calender, save a couple bucks and paint those minis!