Sunday, August 18, 2013

The newest addition to the prizes! Yes you are seeing it correctly! This fine piece of steel will be going to the overall sportsman of the weekend amongst all events! Courtesy of the Toy Soldier Gallery! There will also be added to the prize pool another $100.00 of WHFB / WH40K terrain courtesy of theToy Soldier Gallery. So if you are fence sitting or just waiting - stop and get on the ball! Register now! Don't miss Johnstowns first premier gaming event. Come for the Flames, stay for the Warmachine and Hordes, dabble in the Warhammer and Warhmmer 40k, and enjoy 2 days of dice and miniatures!


  1. Can you please post the address for John Bracken Hall in Johnstown? Having some trouble finding it on the map.

  2. Did anyone get any good pictures from Sunday?

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